• Ledifos 490mg N28

Ledifos 490mg N28

Product Code:LEBEN06
Brand nameLefidos
ManufacturerHetero Pharma
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LEDIFOS 490mg N28 (28pills)


Ledipasvir 90mg und Sofosbuvir 400mg

Anti- HCV drug Sofosbuvir

Treating the Hepatitis C virus is now a possibility due to the presence of the drug Sofosbuvir. Although it is not solely responsible for curing the disease, it is definitely a frontrunner in the fight against it.

Known by its brand name Sovaldi, Sofosbuvir is an interferon-free medication that directly targets the lifecycle of the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) as a means of stopping its development immediately. Sofosbuvir acts in two ways:

As an Inhibitor

Sofosbuvir inhibits the enzyme that the HCV uses to multiply; thus, stopping its growth.

As a Stimulator

Sofosbuvir stimulates the person’s immune system to fight the invasive virus together with other medications.

The drug Sofosbuvir is recommended for patients with severe HCV, liver disease, or HIV along with other medicines. The drug can greatly hasten treatments and reduce the risk of complications.

Known side effects of Sofosbuvir include headaches, stress, vomiting and insomnia. Combination with other drugs such as Ribavirin and Interferon can produce joint and muscular pains, depression, anemia, itchiness and low white blood cell count. Pregnant women under medication can have babies with birth defects.

Sofosbuvir has many usage restrictions and it is essential to follow the instructions upon use. Although you can purchase it online, most online stores still require a doctor’s prescription to avoid product abuse.

Brand name Lefidos
Manufacturer Hetero Pharma

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