• Lenalid 10mg N30

Lenalid 10mg N30

Product Code:LEBEN13
Brand nameLENALID 10
Active ingridientLenalidomid 10mg Capsules
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LENALID 10mg N30 (30pills bottle)


Lenalidomid /10 mg

Lenalidomide is Good for your Blood

Lenalidomide more popularly known as Revlimid, is natural therapy drug used to treat blood diseases, such as myeloma and myeolodysplastic symptoms. It also has a significant role in cancer researches and trial tests related to blood cancers.

Lenalidomide works in three ways:

As a Deteriorator

Diseases, particularly cancer related ones, have complex cell regeneration mechanisms that are difficult to stop with ordinary drugs. Lenalidomide alters invasive cell reproduction to stop the spreading of the disease. It also stops these bad cells from creating their own means to survive, such as destroying blood vessels mad by tumors.

As an Inhibitor

Lenalidomide is capable of blocking the signals between invasive cells like cancer to prevent them from thriving since without proper communication, each one is practically useless.

As a Stimulator

Lenalidomide helps the body fight illnesses naturally by alerting the immune system about the spreading threat. Once the antibodies detect the unwanted parasites, it will trigger the body’s defense system to speed up the patient’s recovery.

Despite being biological, Lenalidomide has several side effects experienced by 10 out a hundred subjects. These include:

·         Shaking

·         Chest pains

·         Poor Appetite

·         Moodiness

·         Blurred vision

·         Headaches

·         Stomachaches

·         Infertility

·         Bone pain

·         Infections

·         Bruising and  blood clots

·         Kidney failure

·         High temperature

·         Numbness

·         Insomnia

·         Lethargy

Lenalidomide is available through online purchases with some stores allowing no prescriptions provided that the customer provide proof of regular usage of the drug.





Generic Lenalidomid
Brand name LENALID 10
Active ingridient Lenalidomid 10mg Capsules

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