• Erlonat 150mg N30

Erlonat 150mg N30

Product Code:LEBEN08
Brand nameERLONAT
Active ingridientErlotinib 100mg
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ERLONAT N30 (30pills bottle)


Erlotinib 150mg

Cancer Inhibitor Erlotinib

About Erlotinib

Cancer treatments are difficult particularly if you have to spend a lot of money on branded medicines. Fortunately, you can buy some widely used cancer medicines online in generic form at lower prices, such as Tarceva also known as Erlotinib.

Erlotinib is a drug that stops the growth of cancer cells by preventing their ability to reproduce.

Use of Erlotinib

Erlotinib is given to patients that meet the following requirements:

  • ·         Have advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has spread to other body parts and has developed mutation.
  • ·        Patients who were responsive to previous treatments and chemotherapy with no visible progression of the disease afterwards – Erlotinib can be used as their maintenance medicine.
  • ·     NSCLC patients whose cancer cells developed after initial treatment or chemotherapy – It is recommended as a secondary or tertiary supplementary treatment.
  • ·         Patients undergoing initial NSCLC treatment without exposure to other medications
  • ·         Patients with advanced pancreatic cancer – They can take this drug under monitored conditions.

Advisory Use

·         Patients with redeveloped advanced pancreatic cancer who failed to respond to initial treatments.

      They can take the Erlotinib + Gemcitabine combination.        

      Side Effect of Erlotinib

Side Effects of Erlotinib are:

  • ·         Bleeding and clotting
  • ·         Skin Blistering and peeling
  • ·         Liver and Kidney problems
  • ·         Stomach and intestinal disorder
  • ·         Additional Lung complications
  • ·         Cornea swelling
  • ·         Abnormal eyelash growth
  • ·         Pregnancy risk


Generic Erlotinid
Brand name ERLONAT
Active ingridient Erlotinib 100mg

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