Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We explicitly provide our data integration and wholesale distribution services to our authorized vendor and reseller partners. Such services include merchandise distribution logistical outsourcing, dropship fulfillment of supply chain, information resources, inventory management, and e-commerce services.

Our solutions are meant to serve our customers’ needs – from the manufacturer to the reseller. We keep the right to cancel orders and/or change prices at any given time.


You may not use any of our website’s information to prescribe medicine or diagnose any person. Always refer to your physician or doctor. Read the product’s information provided by manufacturer before using products that you may buy from our website.

Consult with your doctor regarding any allergy information, precaution, or safety information of products not guaranteed by the FDA or any government-run food and drug authority. Such information should also not be used to medicate, diagnose, or prevent any disease.

We deny liability for the content, availability, or accuracy of information on third-party websites. Note that our company is not liable for any accuracy, content, or copyright issue related to any third-party service or product.

We also forbid reseller websites from promoting our merchandise if said website also displays sexually explicit, graphically violent, pornographic, and/or any other material we consider offensive. Profanity or threats by resellers to our company, manufacturer partners, and/or our representatives may be subject to account termination.

We retain authority to terminate a reseller’s account status for any reason without prior notice. Due to wholesale pricing levels’ sensitive nature, we prohibit disclosure of wholesale price information to third parties by reseller customers. All customer pricing should be treated and considered confidential.

Data Protection

Where reseller or manufacturer provides us with personal data, the reseller or manufacturer understands the data will be processed for the purpose of carrying out the delivery, processing, and supply of orders for services and/or goods and/or for checking out credit histories before opening credit accounts. The reseller or manufacturer warrants that it has all the needed consent for the appropriate processing of personal data.