About Us

Leben Apotheke: About Us

We are one of Europe’s best wholesalers and pharmacies specializing in products for erectile dysfunction (ED). Through our high quality products, we are committed to satisfy the pharmaceutical needs of our clients. We sell India-made generic products, which are secured and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our Specialties

While ED products are our specialty, we also provide generic products to address other medical conditions as well. We also market products to treat androgenic alopecia (or hair loss in men). We also sell supplements to boost cognitive facilities and memory. Likewise, such products also help treat sleep disorders.

We also sell prescription generic drugs to help address behavioral disorders and can also aid in treating substance dependence. These drugs are especially useful for alcohol and opiate dependents.

Additionally, we market high quality generics to help in the treatment of serious medical conditions. We have generic drugs for the management of Hepatitis C, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), Hepatitis B, cancers like leukemia and skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, blood diseases, breast cancer, and menopausal symptoms, among many others.

Secure Payments

When you purchase medicines from us, you are guaranteed of security and privacy. We employ the best protection technologies to secure our clients’ payments, credit cards, and confidence.

Online Prescription

We can provide you a prescription, if you don’t have one. Choose your preferred medication, and then fill out the online medical test form. You may also send an existing prescription to us via email.

Once you have accomplished the form and have submitted it, a certified doctor will check the provided information and ensure the medicine you are buying is safe. If approved, the prescription will be forwarded to a certified pharmacy for processing. Your medicines will then be shipped to your office or home within 24-48 hours.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our high quality products come from the best shipping companies and manufacturers. Thus, we guarantee you total product, service, and shipping satisfaction. We are also confident of you becoming a repeat customer. Plus, we offer special discounts for returning clients.

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